A DISTANT galaxy with a black hole in the center spat out the radio radiation received by the astronomy team in Japan.

Problems with telescopic technology make this discovery unique.


Exploring deep space is a fascinating look into the past, as light and radio waves take millions of years to reach Earth to observeCredit: Reuters

3C273 is a quasar in the center of the host galaxy.

A quasar is a black hole in a galaxy that absorbs all matter and even light – but 3C273 is still extremely bright.

The quasar is 2.4 billion light-years from Earth and is the most studied quasar in the night sky.

3C273 was first observed in 1963 and became the first ever open quasar.

Radio telescopes face problems when focusing on bright objects such as 3C273.

Phys.org writes: “When you see a car’s headlights, the dazzling brightness makes it difficult to see the darker surroundings. The same thing happens with telescopes when you observe bright objects.”

Researchers from the ALMA Observatory have developed methods to study a darkened host galaxy.

They found that the structure of radio waves layered over the galaxy for tens of thousands of light years – this is the first discovery of its kind.

Radio waves are partly powered by hydrogen gas.

Hydrogen gas is a key component in star formation.

The researchers estimated that the quasar does little to prevent star formation.

“Applying the same technique to other quasars, we expect to understand how the galaxy evolves through its interaction with the central nucleus,” said the researcher who led the study.

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Observations in deep space are on the verge of significant improvement.

The James Webb Telescope was launched in 2021, recently settled in space, and by July of this year will be sending color images of space to researchers.

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