Kylie Jenner has published a new video in Tiktok, where she demonstrates her glamorous makeup.

The makeup artist of the star Ariel Tejada made a comment behind the scenes, and fans praise him for humiliating the reality star.


Kylie looked offended after her makeup artist commented on her appearanceCredit: TikTok / kyliejenner
Ariel Tejada - makeup artist Kylie Jenner


Ariel Tejada – makeup artist Kylie JennerCredit: Instagram / @ makeupbyariel

Kylie posted a video in which she is in a white robe, soda earrings, flowing hair and makeup.

She had a serious expression on her face as she approached the camera a little.

The 24-year-old then demonstrated her nails by slapping them together.

Arielthen spoke on video from the camera.

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“Do you like the roughness of your waterline like the lip line,” the makeup artist asked.

It took Kylie a minute to understand what he was saying, but then she looked at Ariel with an offended expression.

Ariel’s laughter was heard in the background.

She signed the video “drafts”.


In less than 13 hours, the video garnered more than 394,000 likes, 2,100 comments and 2.1 million views.

While some people talked about how they like her nails, others focused solely on Ariel’s comments.

Many supporters said his comment “humiliated her”, while others found it ridiculous.

“A few minutes before Ariel was fired,” joked one of the fans with crying smileys.

“She was like waiting for a pause – that’s what he said,” wrote another.

“The woman was too stunned to speak,” joked a third.

“No Ariel is following Kylie,” commented another with laughing, crying smilies.

Other fans were unable to overcome her facial expression on video.


Ariel joked with Kylie when he ruined the makeup in the video.

Kylie filmed in her Instagram Stories as she does makeup while sitting in a white robe.

She complained, “I had the sickest smoky eye, and Ariel was just up to the plate.”

Ariel replied, “First, you told me you want very dirty makeup today.

He then continued to apply black eyeliner to KUWTK’s alum eyelid and then smeared it on her nose.

She gasped in horror, opened her eyes and looked at her glamorous group as they laughed.

In the next clip Kylie looked gloomy as Ariel wiped his shadow with a cotton swab.

After her Kardashian Instagram account was shared, fans noted that she needed to “lighten up”.


Kylie has been very active in Tiktok lately.

Earlier this month, she shared a video in which she prepares for the event while her barber stands behind her, straightening her hair.

She retained a serious expression as she turned the camera down and then up.

Above the video was Kevin Gates’ song Thinking With My D ** k (feat. Juicy J).

Kylie’s straightened hair fell around her face and down her back.

Founder Kylie Jenner Cosmetic demonstrated Fr. dramatic makeupcomplete with smoky ice, mascara and pink lipstick.

Her eyes shone bright green.

Kylie wore a black top that was very low and almost slipped out of it when she was left without a bra.

During the video, she covered her neck with her hand.

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Although Kylie recently showed off her glamorous makeup, she was praised for walk without makeup in certain photographs.

In the past, the reality star was also condemned for applying lip fillers and looking “too fake.”

Kylie Jenner demonstrated glamorous makeup


Kylie Jenner demonstrated glamorous makeupCredit: TikTok / kyliejenner
Lately Kylie Jenner has been showcasing a lot of makeup at Tiktok


Lately Kylie Jenner has been showcasing a lot of makeup at TiktokCredit: TikTok / kyliejenner
Kylie Jenner with her makeup artist Ariel Tejada


Kylie Jenner with her makeup artist Ariel TejadaCredit: Instagram / makeupbyariel

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