JULIAN Claire is best known for her bright nature and has appeared everywhere, from the West End to the Strictly Come Dancing Ballroom.

The Surrey-born actor began working in the entertainment industry as a stand-up comedian before moving to the theater and the silver screen.


The bright star was known for her bright and bold aestheticsCredit: PA: Press Association

Who is Julian Clary?

Julian Clary is an artist born in Surbitan on May 25, 1959.

He was openly gay throughout his career and often took a camp persona in front of a screen.

The star of the theater is an experienced actor of the stage and screen, author and stand-up comedian.

He is the youngest of three children, he has two older sisters.

Julian has no children, and he has since admitted that he regrets it, telling Pierce Morgan in an interview with Life Stories that he once thought of becoming a father to his girlfriend.

He later revealed that he did not feel “responsible and loyal enough” to have children.

What series starred Julian Clary?

Julian has been a major on British television since the mid-1980s.

He began appearing on the silver screen in the comedy show Channel 4 Saturday Live as a Joan Collins fan club before getting his own game show called Sticky Moments With Julian Clary.

He later co-starred with Lee Simpson in the 1992 comedy sitcom Terry and Julian.

The actor also appeared on Prickly Heat and was the face of Daz for three years before appearing on the hit show Strictly Come Dancing, Who Do You Think You Are ?, Have I Got News for You and Neighbors in a Cameo.

Julian even won the Big Brother celebrities in 2012 in a series that also featured Colin Nolan, Martin Kemp and Ryan Sagden.

Away from television, Julian Clary is famous for her performances on stage in the West End and pantomime, as well as roles in “Aladdin”, “Cinderella” and “Cabaret”.

Who is Julian married to and how did they meet?

Julian is married to Ian McLean.

The couple met in 2005 after meeting at a yacht party in Ibiza.

They married in November 2016, and he confirmed the union with a tweet full of hints in which they signed the register.

It was tweeted, “On Saturday, he finally put his finger in my ring. #Married.”

Joking that the secret of their long relationship is that “a lot of space,” he later revealed, “We hardly see each other, and none of us need it.

“We don’t depend on each other emotionally or in any other way.”

What books did Julian Clary write?

For the past ten years, Julian has written fiction – in a series starring The Bolds.

The series is aimed at children, but he has also written novels for adults such as “The Murder itself” and “The Devil in Disguise”.

In 2005, he published his autobiography, The Young Man’s Passage, which documented his life until 1993.

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