The historic four-day weekend began today to mark the 70th anniversary of Her Majesty on the throne.

Hundreds of street parties dedicated to the celebration are planned to be held in the coming days.

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From left to right: Pam Brady and Joan Flowers, both from Gosport, at Lee’s anniversary celebrations

Here is our live blog with the best events and pictures from the platinum anniversary award.

Last update: Thursday, June 2, 2022, 10:43 p.m.

Hayling Island Lighthouse Lighting

A lighthouse was lit on Hailing Island to celebrate the Queen’s platinum anniversary.

On Thursday night on Hailing Quay, Mayor Hevant-Lord Diana Patrick lit a lighthouse to celebrate the anniversary of Queens as hundreds of locals gathered to watch the event.
Lighted lighthouse.
Hundreds of locals gathered to light the lighthouse.
The crowd in Hayling.

The royal family is watching the flight

The royal family watched as the Red Arrows conducted the flight.

A new portrait of Queen Elizabeth II was published on the eve of the anniversary

A new portrait of the Queen has been published. She is the first monarch in British history to celebrate the platinum anniversary.

Footage from a lighthouse in Southsea

A lighthouse was lit near Southsey Castle to mark the Queen’s platinum anniversary.

The main lighting of the lighthouse

The Queen was joined by Prince William to celebrate the platinum anniversary.

A lighthouse is lit in Southsey Castle

To celebrate the Platinum anniversary of Her Majesty the Queen, a lighthouse was lit in Southsea.

A lighthouse is lit in Southsey Castle.

Where does Her Majesty like to shop?

Queen Elizabeth II has different traditions regarding the purchase of gifts, but does she make her own purchases and where does she go?

Crowds gather at Southsey Castle in front of the lighthouse lighting.

Crowds gather at Southsey Castle.

Street party at Herbert Road, Southsea

Neighbors living on Herbert Road have come out of their homes to celebrate the Queen’s platinum anniversary.

Numerous events were offered, including a Great British Bake Off style competition.

Today the Red Arrows flew over as part of the anniversary celebrations.

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