The Bureau of Criminal Assets has trained nearly 600 local “asset profilers” to monitor the unexplained wealth of 1,800 criminal bosses and lieutenants across the country, including nearly 150 in Limerick, 60 in Cork and more than 40 in Kerry.

Not surprisingly, the largest number of cases falls on Dublin, which killed more than 750 thugs. CAB data also show that another 215 criminals are on trial in cases taken from the bureau, bringing the total number of victims to more than 2,000. The Limerick Division ranks third in the number of CAB gang allies, with Dublin West, followed by Dublin South.

Figures provided inIrish Examinershow:

  • A total of 1,770 individuals and organizations are under investigation by the CAB (by the end of 2021)
  • West Dublin has the most goals (293), followed by South Dublin (188)
  • Limerick ranks third (147)
  • The Claire / Tipperary Division has 75 targets
  • The Cork Division has 32 targets, the West Cork has 14, and the North Cork has 13
  • Kerry has 42 goals
  • Waterford has 28 targets

Some units have a relatively large number of cases. For example, Roscommon / Longford has 82, which may reflect the animosity between gangs in Longford. In July 2021, the CAB conducted 12 searches across the county as part of an operation against a criminal group that confiscated cars, cash and jewelry.

Louth, who has been hit hard by a particularly brutal gang feud centered in Drogheda, has 54 targets. The other two units with a relatively large number are Laois / Ofali and Wexford, both of which are investigating 50 suspects. Mayo has the fewest suspects (6). Of the 1,770 facilities, 27 are abroad, including senior members of the Kinahan cartel located in the United Arab Emirates.

Proud detection

About 220 targets – about one in eight of the total – have been identified by local asset prevention experts. These gardaí – usually from the detective department or the drug department – are trained by CAB staff on how to identify and evaluate assets. The number of asset profilers by division has grown significantly over the past six years, from 208 in 2016 to 473 in 2019 and to 552 at the end of last year. Since then, that figure has risen even further to 585 by April this year.

Local detectives and security guards who are in drug units are trained in the Bureau of Criminal Affairs to be their “eyes and ears” on the ground.

During recent operations, the Bureau of Criminal Affairs confiscated luxury watches and a range of designer handbags.
During recent operations, the Bureau of Criminal Affairs confiscated luxury watches and a range of designer handbags.

They identify gang suspects and gather intelligence about their wealth, whether they are objects that are overhauled and frequently renovated, new or luxury cars, luxury clothing and jewelry, or regular foreign travel.

The CAB says the work of these divisional profilers has increased its success as it actively continues to deny and deprive criminals of their wealth. Under the Criminal Proceeds Act, the Criminal Bureau can freeze and confiscate assets that, as it shows the High Court, are proceeds of crime.


Over the past 12 months, the bureau has conducted a series of successful raids, confiscating goods worth hundreds of thousands of euros, as well as cash.

In late April, four businesses were raided – a pub, a tanning shop and a nail bar, as well as four houses owned or linked to a target linked to a major Dublin drug group. These raids brought in 22,000 euros in cash, three luxury watches and an assortment of designer handbags and clothing.

In September 2021, a raid on the infamous Kina / Kolopi gang in Limerick seized 145,000 euros in cash and 421,000 euros in eight accounts, as well as five designer watches, three luxury cars and ten horses, including a stallion worth more than 50 000 euros.

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