The opening of the long-awaited Stubington bypass was postponed following the official completion of the project last Thursday.

Politicians the road was expected to open today, but a quick visit to Gosport Road shows that the detour has not yet opened.

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The southern carriageway is bypassing Stubington, off Touchfield Road. Photo: David George

The 5.5km section of the highway connecting Gosport Road with Touchfield Road has been designed to ease congestion in Stubbington by improving travel times and air quality.

Farham District Council leader Cllr Sean Woodward described the detour as “the last piece of the puzzle” for Fareham and Gosport after a £ 100m investment in motorways and transport in the region.

In addition to bypassing Stubington, Hampshire The county council has invested in the Eclipse Bus Rapid Transit route, the modernization of Newgate Lane Road, the Peel Common roundabout and the improvement of the A27 road.

At last week’s opening event, Stubington residents were thanked for their patience during the construction of the bypass.

The leader of the Hampshire County CouncilCllr Rob Humby, said: “Every time you do a big project like this, there are always breaks during construction work.

“I know it was hard for them and I’m grateful for their patience.”

As previously reported in Newsthe residents themselves hope that the bypass road will alleviate some of the current transport problems – but there have been reservations.

Concerns were expressed about the merger at the end of Titchfield Road and the availability of only one carriageway in each direction.

The construction of the bypass took two years, but another ten years of lobbying the government to secure funding.

A total of £ 42 million came from the county council, the Department of Transport and the Solent Local Business Partnership (LEP).

To facilitate the completion of the overall scheme, temporary traffic lights will continue to operate at the junction of Titchfield Road with Bridge Street, and other temporary traffic control measures will also operate on Titchfield Road and Gosport Road, where these existing roads will enter the new bypass.

The Hampshire County Council was asked to comment on the new opening date.

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