Courtney Kardashian was convicted of slapping Sister Kim’s best friend in a revived video Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Courtney, 43, once reached a turning point, now former Scott Disick, the father of her children Mason, 12, Penelope, nine, and Raine, seven, were involved in the dispute.


Courtney Kardashian warns Kim Jonathan’s best friend not to get involved in the family business in the renewed KUWTK videoCredit: E!
Courtney slaps Jonathan Cheban after he gets into a family dispute


Courtney slaps Jonathan Cheban after he gets into a family disputeCredit: E!

In the KUWTK video, Courtney discusses attending a future event with sisters Kim and Chloe Kardashian, as well as Kim’s best friend Jonathan Cheban, 48.

Courtney tells Kim that she won’t go, because both Kim and Chloe.

Annoyed, Kim asks, “So Chloe and I are just going to pick up the slack for you again?”

Kim continues, “Have you taken two months off for your child, or will you wait until she turns twenty before returning to work?”

Both Chloe and Jonathan laugh, the latter a little too much, as Courtney replies, “I’d love to.”

Kim says she can’t continue to do Courtney’s work until Jonathan intervenes.

He cracks, “Hasn’t she been pregnant for four years?”

The room is quiet, like everyone else, but Jonathan knows the unwritten law has just been broken.

Chloe tries to warn him by saying, “Don’t get involved,” because don’t get involved in other people’s family problems.

Foodgod doesn’t understand the hint and continues, “I don’t interfere, but I feel like you haven’t worked for many years. No offense.”

The insult was definitely done.

In the confession, Courtney explains: “As much as Jonathan does not want to live in Kim, it’s a matter of sisters.”

Courtney is sent in response to Jonathan, as it quickly becomes personal.

“Sorry you’re literally eating Kim’s berries,” Courtney says when Chloe laughs next to him.

Founder Poosh continues, “All your work … is watching Kim wherever she is.”

Jonathan tries to defend himself when Courtney puts Kim in place, asking her, “What are you telling me all the time?”

Kim warns, “Don’t do this.”

Chloe examines the situation in her confession: “Courtney has always been ruthless, and Jonathan will say anything. They always quarreled. [but] now it’s getting a little more extreme. “

The clip goes back to what is happening now, to the verbal war between Courtney and Jonathan, and Courtney’s words are aimed at harming.

“You’re so stuck in Kim’s ass … you’re such a damn loser”

Jonathan replies, no longer holding back: “At least my job is not to collect Kim’s money when they fall out of her ass.”

He continues: “Without Kim you would be worthless. All you did would be chasing Scott every night in nightclubs.

“I don’t know who told you you were the queen of this castle [and] that you don’t need to work because you do ”.

“Why the hell am I listening to you at all?” Courtney asks herself and her sisters.

Jonathan sees red: “You’re a fool, you’re a psycho, and you’re a fucking bitch.”

He then goes on a murder spree and shouts, “Scott will never marry you!”

It’s too insulting as Courtney becomes physical and hits Jonathan in the face.


39-year-old Scott Disick has been the subject of another recently released video Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Fans have named Scott for his problematic behavior in his first KUWTK scene.

The clip shows Courtney with her then-beautiful man at a popular Hawaiian fusion restaurant.

It starts with Scott expressing his standard carefree arrogance by introducing himself and then-girl Courtney to the waiter.

He starts drinking wine when Courtney yells at him “wait”.

She continues, “Cheers? You don’t even say cheers?”

“I forgot,” he apologizes, tapping their glasses.

The clip then switches to the confessional, where Courtney first introduces Scott to Kardashian’s audience as well as the American public.

“My boyfriend’s name is Scott. We were friends for about a year and then started dating and [we’ve] since then together ”.

The clip returns to Roy’s restaurant, and begins Scott’s usual behavior, with which Kardashian fans are too familiar.


Courtney asks for her phone, to which Scott replies “No,” wiping his mouth casually.

“Why?” asks the founder of Poosh.

Ignoring her question, Scott picks up her phone and says, “Let’s see if anyone has contacted you.”

He continues: “You have no missed calls, nothing … want to know the time? It’s 9:30.”

“No, I want my phone now,” Elder Kardashian demanded, applying lip gloss.

Suddenly an agitated Scott asks, “For what?” explaining, “You always tease me for talking on the phone over dinner.”

The patented snark of the founder of The Talentless is fully operational.

“Do you need to connect to a wireless server for some reason?”

Courtney, rejecting the phone, says: “You are obviously in a very annoying mood.”

Scott puts a cherry on top with one last indulgent remark: “Is that true? At least your hair looks beautiful … with your $ 5,000 extensions.”


Courtney can’t be upset because her children’s ex and father Scott Disick will never marry her since she recently married a drummer Travis Barker46, in Portafina, Italy

The reality star is reportedly planning to have one fourth wedding in Los Angeles.

He and Travis used to have a fake wedding in Las Vegas legal marriage in the courthouse in Santa Barbara.

A few weeks later they married for the third time an extravagant $ 2 million wedding in Portofinowith his friends and family.

And yet, Courtney and Travis are expected to play another wedding early next month, this time with their friends who failed to get to Italy.

“Travis and Kurt are still planning a wedding in Los Angeles,” the source said TMZ.

Fans shared their disappointment over the couple’s long wedding celebrations on Reddit.

One of them wrote: “I am so ready to go through this.

“At this rate, the entire second season of“ Kardashian ”will be entirely dedicated to their 4 weddings. They are absolutely dehydrated. “

Another added: “At this point (actually long before that) this wedding crap from Kravis is becoming indulgent even for celebrities who have already given their best. I won’t be giving any further weddings during the day. Maybe if we don’t respond. they will stop. As we do with children. “

A third posted, “I read somewhere that they were having a big party in California. This wedding MUST be over!”

Jonathan Cheban jokes that Courtney was pregnant and not working


Jonathan Cheban jokes that Courtney was pregnant and did not work for “four years”Credit: E!
Kim Kardashian warns Sister Courtney "don't do that" when she put Kim in the middle of her argument with Jonathan Cheban


Kim Kardashian warns Courtney’s sister “don’t do this” when she puts Kim in the middle of her argument with Jonathan ChebanCredit: E!
Kim was shaken after a physical quarrel between Courtney Kardashian and her best friend Jonathan


Kim was shaken after a physical quarrel between Courtney Kardashian and her best friend JonathanCredit: E!

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