9th Alvaro Aalto International Design Workshop – BIOSYMBIOSIS took place on May 24-25, 2022 in the main building of the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. More than 1,000 registered participants from 67 countries made the event unforgettable.

Feedback on the event is already positive and enthusiastic. The two-day program included 28 speakers from Europe to the United States. Virtual access to the event was opened all over the world. The afternoon sessions of 24-25.5.2022 were broadcast at Clerkenwell Design Week in London in collaboration with Welltek Studio and Media 10. A virtual platform of events, edited live broadcasts and pre-recorded presentations are now available for viewing for two months, until 31.07.2022. We also recommend additional materials, such as video links from the city of Jyvaskyla and the Alvaro Aalto Foundation.

Tuesday 24.5. was dedicated to the topic «Pathfinders of a Sustainable Future: Nature-Based Design Thinking, Research, and Problem Solving“. Online performers were curators and authors William Myers (21st Century Design Museum, M21D, Director of New Heroes and Biobased Creations Lucas de Manexpert in regenerative design and biomimicry and founder of Exploration Architecture, architect Michael Peacock and designer Simona Farrezin from the Formafantasma studio. There was a lively discussion Henna HellanderPresident of the Finnish Association of Architects, SAFA and CEO of the Paimio Health Resort Foundation, Interior Designer Anna Tulle from Helsinki Interiors, and Kari-Oco Nevaluoma, editor-in-chief of Avotakka magazine. The meeting opened with a presentation: “Planetary well-being is an important mission” from Janne KotsiakhaProfessor of Ecology at the University of Jyväskylä and Director of the School of Resource Wisdom and Chairman of the Finnish Commission on Natural Sciences.

Wednesday 25.5. was devoted to two separate topics. «Smart components of tomorrow: bio-based materials and innovation”Focused on material solutions in biodesign. Live speakers were designer Sofia Pia Belenki from the caviar of Milan, Daniel GrushkinCEO of the Biodesign Challenge (USA), Professor of Design and Materiality Pirjo Kääriäinen (Aalta University), designers Irena Purasachyt (Aalta University) and Manuel Arias Barrantes (Finnish Technical Research Center VTT), Jenny LemethinenJyvaskyla city ecology specialist and 2Loops service design agency, designers Laura Huavinen and Tiina Hirvanen.

The second session and the third topic «Intelligent solutions today: innovative sustainable production for the circular economy”Opened Outi Suomi, head of the Bio and Circular Finland program from Business Finland. The afternoon was dedicated to current bio-innovation companies: Naava Group Oy, Solar Foods, Sulapac, Spinnova and Betolar. The ExpandFibre-Ecosystem project from Metsä Group and Fortum was presented by the Vice President, GROUP R&D Catherine Kempainen from Metz-Spring. The moderators of the event were the curator and the designer Anina Koyvuhead of the department of the theory of masters (ECAL, Lausanne) and designer Anna Laikolabrand manager Design Helsinki.

Every three years in Jyväskylä, since 1995, is an internationally recognized design event that highlights leading research and experts in the field. The Design Workshop, as well as the Alvaro Aalto Symposium and the Alvaro Aalto Network Workshop, which are held every three years, are organized by the Alvaro Aalto Foundation / Alvaro Aalto Academy in collaboration with the city of Jyvaskyla and other partners of the event.

Partners of the Alvaro Aalta Design Workshop 2022: Aalta University, Artek, Avotakka Magazine, Business Finland, Cumulus Association, Helsinki and Clerkenwell Design Week (Media 10), Helsinki Design Museum, Finnish Association of Architects & Architects Biennale, JYU Wisdom and the University of Jyväskylä and the Paimio Health Resort Foundation. Graphic design – artist and graphic designer Aimo Katayamaki.

Source: Alvaro Aalto Foundation

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