The Council of Northern Ireland is allocating more than £ 46,000 to golf bugs to help older players get around the course.

Lisburn and Castlery City Council (LCCC) is spending money citing an increase in the number of elderly golfers visiting their two courses.

The eight bugs, which will cost payers £ 46,656, will be used on the Aberdelghy golf course in Lambeg and Castlereagh Hills Golf Club – both of which are run by the LCCC.

A representative of the LCCC spoke in detail about the contract after full ratification by the council. Renting a buggy will cost £ 1,296 a month.

A spokesman said: “The council has signed a three-year contract to supply eight golf buggies.

“There are four each at Aberdelgy Golf Club and Castlereagh Hills Golf Club with a contract with Laird Grass Machinery Limited (Carrickfergus).

“The income received from the gods will more than offset the cost of the purchase.

“Acquiring new bugs doesn’t affect the cost of playing on our golf courses.”

The key reason for the new golf contract was identified as the greater need for mobility for the older generation of golfers in the LCCC area.

The spokesman added: “As the popularity of golf continues to grow, there has been an increased demand for gods from the older generation who visit our golf courses.

“To ensure that we meet the needs of all our customers and be inclusive for all, it is important that we have adequate resources, especially for those who may have mobility problems.

“Acquiring gods is a response to the increased demand for their availability.”

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