Edinburgh cafe waitress shared an extremely popular video in which she risked her luck with a frequent customer whom she considers “cute”.

The woman shared her video TikTok and used his artistic latte skills to try to attract the attention of young gentlemen.

23-year-old Sophie Hosking has surprisingly attracted 21 million views and about two million likes in a popular video app after sharing her attempt to find love.

The waitress, who worked at Edinburgh’s Grams Café, came up with an intuitive way to tell a customer that she found it attractive, reports “Record”.

In the video, she writes, “Does anyone know this guy? He always comes into my work and I think he’s so cute.

“I want to shoot.”

Sophie takes her chance by foaming decaffeinated coffee, and creates a frothy message labeled “Whirlpool Cute,” which is accompanied by a little heart.

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She is visibly nervous due to the fact that the coffee trembles in her hand as she carries it to the cafe’s heartthrob.

But she is relieved to see the man photographing the cup.

Sophie promises to refresh her millions of viewers in the next video, and later says that the potential groom photographed the drinks she had been preparing for months.

The young waitress shared a creative message.
The young waitress shared a creative message.

She later reveals that she managed to get the man’s number, and the couple has since corresponded with each other.

However, it is not yet known whether the romantic duo met on the first date, and those who are familiar with the tale of Auld Reekie, desperately want to know more.

One user said, “If it was me, I would have bought an engagement ring as soon as I saw it.”

Another wrote, “Girl, why is he coming back all the time! Good luck.”

A third added, “It’s like a Disney movie.”

And one person said, “I’m so happy for you two and hope this is the beginning of many happier years.”

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