A thief who stole a woman’s wedding ring after being invited to her home has been sentenced to 10 months.

26-year-old Ntani Wiley told the Belfast Magistrates’ Court that he could not remember what happened to the band, taking along with his phone and debit card, which he then used for fraud.

“I guess I sold it, I don’t know, but if I come across it, I’ll give it away,” he suggested.

Wiley of Flash Park in Lisburn, Ko Antrim, pleaded guilty to theft and several counts of fraud and attempted fraud through false representation.

Prosecutors said that after he was invited to a house in northern Belfast on November 20 last year, the woman decided to clean her kitchen.

She took off her wedding ring and put it on the sink, only to later realize that it was gone.

Two days later Wiley returned to the address to steal her cell phone and various cards.

Subsequent checks at her bank found that the debit card was used in a number of stores to make transactions totaling £ 156.75.

Further attempts by other retailers were rejected due to lack of funds.

In a separate case, Wiley also admitted to attempted burglary under aggravating circumstances and intent on possession of an offensive weapon.

In court on November 22, he appeared near a house on Bellades Road in Belfast with a shout and a knife.

The woman in the property locked the door, and her daughter challenged Wiley, who apologized and said he was being chased by unknown assailants.

Defense attorney Michael Boyd links his client’s crime to a history of drug use.

But Deputy District Judge Liam McNally demanded to know what happened to the wedding ring.

Wiley told him, “I was under the influence of drugs, I don’t remember where I put it.”

His promise to return the victim’s ring when it appears received a warm response.

“There are no signs of remorse,” Mr McNally said.

Imposing a total of 10 months of arrest for the crimes, he also ordered Wiley to pay the woman £ 156.75 in compensation for debit card fraud.

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