Dylan Eagleson impressed in Armenia yesterday when he reached the quarterfinals in the lightweight championship at the European Men’s Elite Boxing Championships, defeating by a unanimous decision on the trial of Turk Muhammad Sakli.

The Bangor native was extremely impressive as he boxed well in this battle of the Southerners to get rid of Sakli’s aggressive approach and dominate for the most part to move on.

Eagleson began boxing his hind foot with an upper body movement, leaving Sackley waving in the fresh air, but the Turk was the aggressor and had some success.

The St. Paul ABC man jumped out of jab but was marked by a heavy hand on the bell to finish the first round where he was ahead on three of five cards.

The scheme continued into the second, when Sackley struggled at a high pace, but Eagleson resisted well and was much more frugal in his work, avoiding danger and landing more consistently when he finished second, scoring one or two to the body to emphasize his dominance. when he passed the round with one judge, awarding 10-8 in his favor.

Now Sackley looked frustrated and devoid of ideas, for his aggressive approach had not paid off, and he seemed to think twice about just going ahead and swinging when he was chosen.

It was just the case that Eagleson had completed the work, and he did just that, marking Sacli on the road when he went out to meet with number two seed, Gabriel Maskunana Escobar of Spain in Sunday evening session.

Elsewhere for the Irish fighters there were ambiguous fates, as Luke Maguire started the weekend well with a 5-0 victory over Poland’s Daniel Wieslaw Petrovsky in the 71kg class, but Brendan McCarthy in the lightweight division Brendan McCarthy did not go against Englishman Joseph Thayer. . by unanimous decision in a tough fight where all five judges gave Tires two of the three rounds.

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