Next Saturday, January 28th, French filmmaker Claire Denis – one of the most influential names in contemporary cinema – will be in Bataille to discuss his filmography and the national premiere of the film "Avec amour et acharnement" (2022).

At 6:00 p.m., in a chat with artistic director Guillermo Blanc, Claire Dany will talk about her filmography, which spans more than five decades and is characterized by subversive, fearless and deeply original cinema. Participation in the chat is free with a ticket from 13:00.

Later, the director will present the session in "Avec amour et acharnement" (2022), at 9:15 p.m. The film, which won an award at the Berlin Film Festival and stars Juliette Binoche and Vincent Lyndon, tells the story of a broken couple in a drama of deep emotional honesty.

On Sunday at 19:15, also in the national premiere, Batalha presents "Stars at noon" (2022). The action of the erotic and political thriller takes place in the tropics, where an American journalist and an English businessman try to escape from Nicaragua.

In this Cannes award-winning film, Denis examines some of the key themes of his filmography—intimacy, desire, and the consequences of colonialism in the 21st century.

Claire Denny was the first director to whom the Batalha Centro de Cinema dedicated a retrospective. Presented from December 10 and includes all feature films of the director "Full body" The cycle concludes this weekend with the premiere of the director’s two latest films.

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