The Belfast actor, who stars in hit Netflix video game Resident Evil, says his Northern Irish accent helps him cope with the series’ “trauma” and dark sense of humour.

urlough Convery plays Richard Baxter in the show, a villain from the Umbrella Corporation who hunts down one of the main characters in the eight-episode horror action film.

The 36-year-old, who also played a sectarian preaching minister in Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast, said The Times he was praised for showing that a “bigger guy” can “kick ass” in scenes of the Netflix show.

The series, which launched last month on Netflix, has been one of the most popular in the UK and Ireland this year and is set in 2022 and 2036.

Speaking about keeping his own accent for the role, Convery told the paper: “We [in Northern Ireland] realize that you can be among a bunch of zombies and still be joking.

“If you’re not laughing, you’re crying. This dark sense of humor helps us in difficult times.”

He added: “Like a big guy, you’re not [often] to get an opportunity to represent great people in action series”,

“Usually they slide on a banana, their gun bounces off the floor and shoots someone in the neck.

“The team said, ‘He may be funny, he may be a sociopath, but he has a desire to survive in this world, just like any character. Its size doesn’t matter.”

“So I had that John Wick moment where I could slice and dice and flip and break and smack. I’ve gotten so many messages from people who don’t know me saying, “Hey, as a bigger person, that was awesome.” I’ve never seen a bigger guy kick ass as good as you.’

“I think there’s something about big guys. People automatically think that all you do is sit. But it’s like, “No, I’m strong. I can do things that will surprise you.”

Thurlow, who also starred in the drama Sandyton, had his first acting role in a production of Guys and Dolls in Belfast when he was 14.

He was also previously named Artist of the Year by the Stephen Sondheim Society while studying in England.

He said a possible role in musical theater is “still in me.”

“But during my time at theater school, I was well aware that because of my height and my physical characteristics, any role would stay away from me for a long time,” he said.

“[Musical theatre is] people who are not exactly small and thin are a little further behind. We will see further. Maybe I’ll be in Cats 2: Revenge of the Dogs.

“I want to explore those moments of openness, intimacy, fear, terror, excitement and joy.

“I have to make sure that what I do is funny, but not just a gag. The main thing for me is to work on stories and create characters that will be meaningful, interesting and fun.

“Look, this is a great job. You end up in a strange place and live in someone else’s skin for a while. You just fart with your mates trying to make each other laugh or cry. This is not a job.”

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