Figures released by the Department for Work and Pensions show that the “number of alternative claimants” in the York local government area fell from 2,429 in February to 2,061 in May. For 18-24s, the drop was from 376 to 314.

For the year, the decline is 2,030 and 521 for 18-24 year olds, giving a decline of almost two-thirds for the younger age group.

At constituency level in York Central, the number of unemployed people fell from 1,698 to 1,448 over the quarter, with the fall from 265 to 220 for 18-24 year olds. That compares with a drop of 337 for 18-24 and 1,346 for the year.

York Outer has 614 “alternative applicants”, 96 of whom are aged 18-24. This compares with 733 and 109 in February. The drop since May last year is 182 for 18-24 year olds and 682 for all ages, again showing that overall numbers have halved, particularly for young people.

However, the numbers are slightly higher than five years ago.

Jenny Shaw, Deputy Manager for Employers and Partnerships at York DWP, said: “Although we are in the midst of a hot summer, the Jobcentre’s qualified trainers are working harder than ever to help employers fill record levels of vacancies. Finding the right job with the right person remains our top priority.

“The Job Center continues to welcome local businesses looking to expedite interviews with potential employees.”

Jenny continued: “From job opportunities in Jobcentres to skills academies for people considering a new career, there is a huge range of support available and our work coaches work tirelessly to enable people of all ages and career stages to gain stable employment with reward. .”

York Region’s next speed interview event at the York Jobcentre will be on Thursday 28th July from 11am to 1pm. Employers in cleaning, warehousing, administration, retail and hospitality will be in attendance.

Burger King, which is reopening its Clifton Moor shopping center on August 8, will be one of the employers interviewing.

Burger King restaurant manager Andrew Golfin of Burger King said: “We plan to take up to 60 full-time and part-time staff to the store. Hours will vary from 6 a.m. to midnight. But we are flexible on their hours for transport etc.

Work will include cashiering as well as working in the kitchen, cooking, preparing food, and cleaning the store. Full training will be provided, no experience necessary.

Burger King says pay rates will start at 16-17s £5.71, 18-20s £7.73, 21-22s £9.48, 23+ £9.80 £10.20 for shift workers.

In addition, Network Rail is recruiting for signaller posts in York. Applications for vacancies are open until July 21.

There will also be a Refuges information session and support with service providers and employers on 26 July at York Jobcentre at 10am.

Earlier in the day, a National Careers Service interview preparation session will be held at the Jobcentre in York from 10am.

Yorkshire and the Humber has 2.598 million people in employment – up 69,000 over the quarter and up 56,000 over the year.

The employment rate (aged 16-64) is 74.4% – up 2.0% points for the quarter and 1.7% points for the year.

The number of unemployed people is 122,000 – 14,000 less than a year ago and 5,000 less than December-February 2020.

The unemployment rate is 4.5% – down 0.6% year-on-year and down 0.2% in December-February 2020.

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