The online mortgage broker has revealed plans to hire more than 50 new employees after it was acquired late last year by owner Uswitch, and

Mojo Mortgages is currently headquartered in Manchester with 74 employees and it has been captured by RVU in December.

At the time of the transaction, the company had just over 60 employees and also had an office in Macclesfield.

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Mojo Mortgages said it expects new employees to join the business by the end of 2022.

CEO and co-founder Richard Hayes said: “The last six months have been a whirlwind for Mojo Mortgages since we embarked on the first phase of our scaling plans under RVU.

“We have been able to help more people than ever before in their mortgage journey at a time when the real estate market is as hot as it has been for many years.

“We are now able to step up our growth efforts as we head into the second half of the year, and recruiting new talent will be key to achieving that goal.

“As the rise in the cost of living continues to affect homeowners and potential buyers for the first time across the country, we want to invest heavily in our advice and applications to ensure we continue to put clients in the best position when navigating the mortgage process.”

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