A Scottish teacher believes she is still capable of teaching, despite the fact that the schoolboy claimed to have kissed her “three or four times” at a nightclub.

Ashley McConnell admitted to holding hands with Thors High School student, known as Pupil A, in Skinandi Nightclub in Thurso, Caitness, in March 2018.

However physics teacher said she did not kiss or dance with the student in a sexualized manner, despite the fact that the 17-year-old girl said most of the kisses were “more than biting.”

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Other students, who were also at the nightclub that evening, described the sixth-year dances with the then-30-year-old teacher as “dirty” and “sexualized”.

Dr. Fiona Grant, a former school principal, has launched an investigation into the allegations.

She found that concerned students approached school principals with a video of the alleged incident.

Describing the photo taken from the video, Dr Grant said that “Miss McConnell’s hand is flat to pupil A’s crotch”.

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Speaking about her interview with student A, Dr. Grant added that the teenager “showed that it was he who stopped the events between himself and Miss McConnell.”

After Miss McConnell said “stop,” student A also claimed that the teacher was trying to establish eye contact with him, and the student had to turn around to avoid this.

Now Miss McConnell is threatening to be removed from the register of the General Board of Education of Scotland after the start of their hearings.

Speaking today (Tuesday), Dr Grant told the board: “My findings were that there was evidence of flirtatious dances with student A that took place at a nightclub.

“I was posted a video with student B, and in the background student A and Miss McConnell were dancing.

“Overall, I have gathered evidence to support the allegations of gross violations.

“My professional opinion is that it does not meet the standards expected of a teacher registered with the GTCS.

“From body language I could tell that student A was embarrassed and uncomfortable because of what had happened.

“He showed that it was he who stopped the events between him and Miss McConnell.

“He said it went too far.”

“He was obviously embarrassed for what he had to talk about.

“He danced three or four times with the teacher for about 10 minutes.

“He described the dance as a flirtatious dance, close in some parts with physical contact between each other’s bodies.

“He found it inappropriate, he personally thought it had gone too far, and distanced himself from the situation.

“He revealed that Miss McConnell kissed him three or four times.

“Then he showed that her attention to him had gone too far and was annoying. He told her to stop and shut her up for the rest of the night.

Student A told Dr. Grant, “She tried to make eye contact with me, but I turned away.

“I clearly remember the events, just don’t forget. The student kisses the teacher …”

“Most of them were more than solid.”

Describing a scene from a video taken at a nightclub, she said: “You can see pupil A and part of Miss McConnell’s body. Miss McConnell’s hand is close to his crotch.

“Miss McConnell’s hand is equal to the crotch of pupil A. I am embarrassed to look at the picture in which it is described.

“Student B described the dance as“ dirty ”or“ sexualized ”.

“She (Miss McConnell) was clear that this could have happened or may not have happened.”

The hearing continues.

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